Firehole River

Yellowstone, Tetons, and Idaho

The trip to Jackson wasn’t just for the fishing (although it certainly could have been). We did a few day trips and several hikes as well and enjoyed the break from the late summer heat back home. Yellowstone, as always, was beautiful (and full of tourists), the Tetons had endless miles of trails to explore, and a few drives through the pass into Idaho provided some nice scenic stops for a few photos.

This guy and a few of his friends decided to take a pit stop ON the trail we were hiking. They¬†didn’t budge at our intimidating glances, so we made a wide berth and kept on our way.

Old Faithful is as faithful as ever, but some of the other attractions in the Geyser Basin were pretty interesting as well.

A couple mountain lakes back in the Tetons

Drove into Idaho and down thru Swan Valley, along the South Fork, farm land, and aspen groves

There was a wildfire on the edge of town last couple days in Jackson, steady action from the fire fighters who kept it in control

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