cutthroat trout caught fly fishing in Wyoming

Walk-In Fishing

Later on in our week in Jackson, we met up with some of our good friends, Bucky and Molly, that drove down from Pocatello to meet up for the weekend. We had a great visit as well as some good fishing out on Flat Creek and at a back country spot Bucky fishes when he’s down in the area.

fly fishing Flat Creek in Jackson Hole, WY

Saturday we hiked in and spent most of the day fishing a nice creek that winds its way through a valley back in a lesser travelled part of the Tetons. Once we got in and going, it didn’t take long to find some fish rising on some drakes that were coming off the water. We caught cutties all day long, and across a range of sizes. All of them had brilliant colors and spots, and all of them came up on top to eat.

fly casting

Bucky brought along his Tenkara rod, which I had never used before. Its a pretty cool way to get a good drift, and playing a fish in on a 12 foot rod with no reel adds a little excitement as well. It didn’t take long to get the hang of it, and Carolyn and I pretty much stole it for the rest of the afternoon.

fly fishing with Tenkara

fly fishing with Tenkara

fly fishing with Tenkara

fly fishing with Tenkara

Finally made our way back along the trail, passing a few other anglers that had made the hike in as well. Awesome time getting off the grid for a little while and exploring some new water.

guided fly fishing in the back country of the Grant Tetons

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