Everglades skunk ape

Skunk apes and silver kings

flats skiff in the Everglades tarpon fishing

Had a trip for South FL the last couple of days, good stuff down in the Everglades. Mangrove jungles, skunk apes, and hungry fish! Awesome trip with my good friend Capt. Jason Stacy and one of the most legendary fishing guides I may ever get to fish with…

Capt Steve Huff

storied hands at work

the stories these hands tell could go on forever

tarpon fishing in the Everglades

searching for laid ups

tarpon jumping

tarpon about to jump

another tarpon headed up

jumping tarpon with fly coming back

Between tarpon stops, we worked some flats for a few linesiders that made it through the winter freezes. Cool fish that we dont get to see up on the Panhandle.

Jason with a nice snook

up close and personal with a snook caught on fly

Great few days on some new waters, and made it out of Skunk Ape Territory unscathed! Back home to a different world.

Roseate Spoonbills in the glades

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