Silver Pac-Man

Down in Florida last week, we had balls of blood minnows all over the beaches. Tarpon were literally gorging on these balls of baitfish – busting on the surface, thrashing thru the pods, free jumping out the middle of the bait balls, rolling upside down, even just swimming thru the pods with their mouths open…pac-man style. Pretty cool sight to see these fish, which are usually in their focused migratory mindsets, in an oblivious feeding frenzy and following the balls of bait in whichever direction they moved along the beach.

tarpon fishing with Spotted Tail Outdoors

tarpon busting, you can see the coloration of the fish under the shower of minnows

tarpon fishing with Spotted Tail Outdoors

if you look closely, you can see the silver sides of the tarpon beneath the surface

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