Marsh Madness

Spent some time down in the marsh last week, and had some excellent fishing despite a variety of weather conditions. Bucky flew down from Idaho, and Matthew joined us on Saturday for the rest of the time.

The first day on the water was beautiful – sunny, calm winds, cool air – and we took advantage of it by exploring quite a bit of new water. The first half of the day started out slow as we checked out several new spots. But as the tide turned, the fish went nuts. The rest of the day we had groups of bull reds and large jacks all around us. Some were busting bait on the surface in the middle of bays, others were holding in cuts, and some were corralling bait against the marsh grass. I wish I had taken some video of the mayhem, but instead we just focused on keeping our flies in the water and staying tight on fish.

bull redfish caught on a fishing trip with Spotted Tail Outdoors

big Jack caught on fishing trip with Spotted Tail Outdoors

landing a bull redfish with Spotted Tail Outdoors

Bucky with bull redfish caught with Spotted Tail Outdoors

Capt Andy Parker with redfish caught fishing with Spotted Tail Outdoors

At one point, while taking pictures of a redfish, the fly fell off the deck of the boat into the water and got picked up by a straggler that was following the groups of fish, eating leftovers. Check out the whiskers!

So Day 2 we knew there was going to be some wind, but we woke up to the RV shaking, a big drop in temperature, and no sunlight…perfect for sightfishing, right? Well we sat around discussing our options and decided to go for it anyway. The ride out seemed great (we were running with the wind), but I turned the corner at our first spot and met a strong 25 mph+ headwind right in the face. Oh well, we’re there…so pole the first bank…no dice. Move to another area and try the lee shoreline…again, no dice. So what do you do when its blowing a steady 25 with no sunlight? I decide to stake out and consult the chart, but Matthew (wildlife biologist) decides to jump into the marsh and take off with net in hand.

What follows wasn’t really in the plans, but sure turned out better than sitting in a crowded RV all afternoon. Fist-sized blue crabs on circle hooks and spin tackle turned into drum of all sizes, colors, and shapes.

redfish caught with Spotted Tail Outdoors

black drum caught with Spotted Tail Outdoors

redfish caught with Spotted Tail Outdoors

redfish caught with Spotted Tail Outdoors

redfish caught with Spotted Tail Outdoors

Trip ended well, even found a new spot on the way home, will definitely be back there on the next trip for the soft shell crab po-boy.

Po-Boys and Flats Boats with Spotted Tail Outdoors



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