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Thanks to Shannon Drawe from the Texas Fly Caster, who we met at the IFTD in New Orleans, for featuring us on his blog this week. Check out the article below and the rest of his site,, he’s got some great content and photography going on over there.

In the era of the “app” for everything from telling if your son’s gay, to highly useful apps like the Navionics Lakes mapping, there are plenty of useless, and worthless apps that fall to the wayside for good cause.

However, I came across a high powered software aimed directly at the larger fishing operations that have multiple guides, who need their calendars, contacts and other information organized in a logical way that’s also easy to access.

Enter Spotted Tail RMS. I can imagine this is something I will never need, but if you are, say running a business out of Arroyo City, or Miami, and have to keep everyone on the same page, you may want to listen up.

Spotted Tail RMS (Reservation Management System) uses the power of cloud computing to remove the heavy lifting from your computer or phone. It’s a web based platform that evolved from the needs of the hotel industry, and harnesses the organizational power of that software in a straight forward way that doesn’t have a huge learning curve. Guides can log onto the site, check their calendars and contacts on their own – eliminating relaying and possibly missing calls and messages. Spotted Tail also contains powerful accounting tools to keep track of payments, deposits and balances due, as well as generating financial reports related to your guide business. The clients you deal with as a successful guide will also appreciate your superior organization as well.

Creator Andy Parker puts it plainly, “It’s all about saving time (and even money) and being able to spend more time focusing on things like your clients, fishing, spare time, etc. My personal story is that I am a fishing guide and a CPA, so this software is a direct blend of my experiences guiding and my experiences in the business world.”

Although this business software targets larger operations, I do know that if you are a self employed sole proprietor, this kind of help can be invaluable, and something you could have a goal of growing into. I know that sounds capitalistic, but for now, we do still have capitalism as our US economic system.

Visit Spotted Tail Outdoors to learn more about the featurescost and sign up for a free trial of RMS Spotted Tail software.

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