LA Marsh ’09 – Day 2

Day 2 started out with similar weather as day one – good sun, light winds, and a little bit warmer. Today we were hoping to get into the big reds and find them feeding a little better than yesterday. We worked the entrance to a pond at our first stop, only to find a decent sized black drum that was not interested in eating my fly. Along the bank, however, were some fish working the white shrimp and we watched a couple for a while before Dad picked them off one at a time.

Fish pushing water as it cruises the bank

check out the white shrimp in the air as the fish is feeding

if you look close enough, you can see the white on the fly as the fish opens its mouth to eat

Eventually we moved on to a few other areas looking for big fish and found a handful to throw at. Highlight of the day came a couple of stops later when we rounded a point and I saw a big fat red facing away from us. I made the cast out in front of the fish and watched him turn his head, open his giant mouth, and inhale my fly. After a decent bull dog fight, we brought him aboard and measured him out at 30 pounds on the boga grip.

We ended the day poling deep into a pond to hide from the afternoon sea breeze. There were several reds working the bank as well as some huge alligator gar surfacing in the middle of a tidal creek.

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