LA Marsh ’09 – Day 1

Headed down to New Orleans Thursday night for my annual trip to the marsh. This year, my Dad joined me for 2 days of outstanding redfishing with my buddy Capt. Christian Yergens of Shallow Water Expeditions. We had some very favorable weather conditions following Hurricane Ida that blew through earlier in the week.

Day 1 was sunny, light winds, and temps in the 70′s. We started out the day seeing quite a few big fish in the 20+ lb range (including a black drum that was easily in the 40 lb class), but they were being a little moody when it came to eating. Many smaller fish were being active on the bank, and we picked up several of them in between shots at larger fish.

About mid-day we found a pod of fish fresh from the gulf, bright red and hungry. Upon me hooking up on one, my dad cast into the group and I watched as they fought over the fly. Another immediate hookup. Then I handed a rod to Christian up on the poling platform and he hooked up in short order…triple on fly!

We spent the rest of the day picking up fish in the 10-15lb range that were scattered about the ponds we were poling. With the afternoon sun and incoming tide, they were eating very well in the afternoon.

Eventually we headed back in under light winds, eager for Day 2 and hoping the big fish would be a little more in the mood to eat.

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