flyfishing for Jack crevalle with Spotted Tail Outdoors

Jack Squat

Was down in FL last week, attempting to do some tarpon fishing on the front end of our season. When my good friend Capt Jason Stacy (Shallow Water Expeditions and Southern Flyworks) had a last minute cancellation and called up looking for someone to fish with, I jumped at the opportunity. We rarely get a chance to fish together during the busy summer months, so it was great to hang out and do some exploring. We launched at several different spots, but the wind would just not leave us alone at any of them. We got worked over by some chop in the bay and out on the ocean. Finally, our last stop of the day provided at least some clean water to look at. We saw a handful of tarpon swim thru, but no great shots and zero interest. Luckily, a small school of jack crevalle did cross over some white sand near us and gave me a shot with a big topwater fly.

Jack Crevalle caught on guided fishing trip with Spotted Tail Outdoors

Another day during the same trip, I got to fish on my boat with my friend Tim Koski, who guides freshwater trout out in Jackson Hole, WY for Reel Deal Anglers. This day, we had pretty favorable weather for the most part. Beautiful morning, but again, no fish. The closest call we had was when we came off the hook to investigate a dark shape moving slowly along the beach (we were both thinking cobia, turned out to be a shark). As I was poling back to the outer bar we had staked out on, a group of about 6 tarpon swam by just out of our range. They were very high, very slow, very happy. We watched them float their way down the beach and set back up on our line thinking there’d be more, but nothing. Looking forward to fishing with Tim again this August out in Wyoming.

So much for my first tarpon trip of the season, but already looking forward to the next one just around the corner. And once again, big jacks save the day!

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