It’s all in the details…

Yeah, we know…keeping records can be a big pain. And we’d all rather be fishing anyway. But its important too, when running any kind of business. Just as a NY Times article this week points out in relation to those suffering from the BP Oil Spill fallout, sometimes the details can pay off:

In all, about 31,000 claims have little or no documentation, and the people who filed them have been asked to provide more information. And 1,000 more are “very, very suspicious,” Mr. Feinberg said, and are being held for further examination.

“They’re not just sitting there,” he said. “We can’t pay them without more documentation — minimal documentation, but enough to process the claim.”

Read more here: NY Times 10/2/2010

Having a system in place to track the details for you is the way to go. Information for you, information for someone else – ready when you need it. And with a reservations system that does most of it for you, you can still be fishing too.

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