Spotted Tail RMS: Overview

Reservations System for Guides & Outfitters

booking schedule on Spotted Tail RMS reservations system

Spotted Tail RMS is a Reservations Management System (RMS) designed specifically for the outdoor outfitter and guide industry. With integrated features that handle booking, scheduling, client organization, customer payments, and financial reporting, it’s a solution created to establish efficiencies and streamline business management. Built for fishing guides, outdoor outfitters, guide services, charter fleets, and anyone else managing guided recreational activities, Spotted Tail RMS exists to make your life easier and your business better.

Do more with less.

Let’s face it- there are many tasks required to run a successful business, but not all of them are things you really enjoy doing – such as calling clients to confirm trips, reminding staff where and when to show up, tracking down overdue payments, or digging around for notes you made when you booked that trip last week. And rather than maintaining each part of your operation on a separate list or through different programs, why not do it all in one place?

Having a system that manages and shares such information for you means less time working and more time playing.

Work anywhere.

Spotted Tail RMS is a web-based application, meaning you can access it anywhere you have an internet connection. With the integrated mobile platform, you can even carry your entire schedule and client list around in your pocket. And everyone you work with can have their own unique login so they can check their schedules wherever and whenever they want, too. No downloads or installations, no discs or hardware; we do all that for you behind the scenes.

Just grab your nearest computer or phone and log in to your account – anywhere you want.

Be a pro.

Forget what time your booking for tomorrow is? It’s on the calendar. Forget which guide the client fished with last year? It’s in the client history. Curious who owes you money? There’s a report that tells you. Want to impress a client who booked a month ago? Send a confirmation email with just a click. All you have to do is enter the reservation into the system and update it when payments occur – all the calculations, organization, and communications are done for you.

Make your clients happier (and your tips bigger).

Join RMS!

For a low monthly fee, you get unlimited access and an account of your own. No contracts or long-term commitments. There’s not even any real training necessary…it’s that intuitive. Leverage our resources so you can spend more time outside and enjoying what attracted you to this industry in the first place.