Spotted Tail RMS: Features

schedule your guide trips and reservations with Spotted Tail RMS Schedule & Booking Calendar

The schedule features several viewing options- from day/week/month views to a grid view for the accounts with larger numbers of guides. Easily view bookings across multiple guides and keep your calendar organized, up to date, and available to those who need access.

  • Schedule and organize bookings with a user-friendly calendar
  • Eliminate double-bookings and internal miscommunications
  • Color-coded guide assignments for managing multiple guides
  • Simply “drag and drop” to book a trip or change a date
  • Instantly see client and trip details without leaving the schedule page
  • Multiple trips per day, multi-day bookings, and group reservations

Spotted Tail RMS reservations schedule for fishing guides

organize reservation information with Spotted Tail RMS Detailed Reservations Info

Reservation info is displayed and stored in a way that gives you quick access to the critical details, whenever you need it. Notes, payment options, balances due, and booking histories – available at the click of a button.

  • Easily store and manage essential details for all of your bookings
  • Reservation Notes area for special requests and notes to staff
  • Tracks when reservations are made and who booked them
  • Payment and balance reconciliation displayed with each reservation

Spotted Tail RMS reservations detail for fishing guides

manage client info with Spotted Tail RMS Client Info & Database

Client contact info, notes, balances, and booking histories are stored and organized for you in a client list that is easily searchable by first or last name so you can find what you need, when you need it.

  • Client info is automatically stored and organized in your client list
  • Quick access to contact info, client balances, and booking histories
  • Export to Excel for use in marketing and other business records

Spotted Tail RMS client info for fishing guides

Track accounting and record payments with Spotted Tail RMS reservations systemAccounting & Payment Processing

Record payments via several methods, adjust pricing to reflect surcharges or discounts, generate invoices, and more with the tools Spotted Tail RMS offers to make keeping your business records something you no longer dread doing.

  • Track customer deposits and payments to maintain accurate records
  • Record payments made by cash, check, and credit card
  • Link your RMS account with PayPal to process credit card payments
  • Generate invoices to collect on open balances or provide as receipts
  • Track guide commissions to eliminate confusion on paydays

Accounting info for fishing guides with Spotted Tail RMS

Business reports and accounting info in Spotted Tail RMS Financial & Performance Reports

Spotted Tail RMS generates reports and useful business data for you based on activity from your reservations. These reports provide a wealth of useful information about your business’ performance, yet you don’t have to spend time compiling them and calculating them yourself. As long as your client payments are up to date, you’ll be able to click a button at any time to view your revenues, guide commissions, customer balances, and more. As with any successful business, good information leads to informed decisions, smooth operations, and faster growth.

  • Generate reports for revenues, open balances, and guide commissions
  • Easily filter reports to selected date ranges and specific guides
  • Run individual guide reports at year-end for 1099′s, tax compliance, and state reporting
  • Performance reports show results for comparison and analysis

financial reporting for fishing guides by Spotted Tail RMS

Performance reporting provided for fishing guides by Spotted Tail RMS


Send confirmation emails for reservations booked with Spotted Tail RMS Confirmations & Guide Notifications

Send customized confirmations to your clients and notify guides of new assignments with the click of a button. Use our email templates to enable customized letters without having to type each one out manually.

  • Maintain a professional impression with clients by confirming bookings
  • Email templates enable customized confirmations with a single click
  • Attach files to send travel directions, gear lists, etc
  • Notifications inform guides of new assignments and reduce phone calls

guide trip confirmation sent from Spotted Tail RMS

Access reservations and client info with Spotted Tail RMS mobile app RMS Mobile & Smartphone Access

Take your schedule with you wherever you go; leave your paper calendar behind and access everything you need right from your smartphone. Better yet, book trips for your guides and allow them to check their assignments on the go…no more need to swing by the shop every day or call in to get their trip details. RMS Mobile gives you redundancy in your account access and frees you up from behind the computer!

  • Find all the info you need, even when you’re on the go
  • Book trips, get client info, and view reservations from your phone
  • Integrates and syncs with the standard version of RMS
  • Eliminates the need to carry a paper calendar around
  • Reduce phone calls back and forth between guides and the shop

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book trips from your own website with Spotted Tail RMS booking system Booking Tool for your Website

The booking widget hooks your own website up with your RMS account and allows you to take reservation requests online. Your site’s visitors never have to leave your website, but the info syncs up with RMS so you don’t have to transfer data over. This speeds up the booking process even more, and allows you to capture your customer’s interest while it is fresh. You’ll get notifications via email, and you can confirm the trips from the main site or RMS Mobile. Build this tool into your booking process and save even more time to do the things you really want to be doing.

  • Enable clients to request reservations directly from your own website
  • Requests feed directly into your RMS account, just review and confirm
  • Easy to install, customizable to fit the look and feel of your site
  • Book trips even while you are on the water!

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manage your entire guide service with Spotted Tail RMS reservations system Guide Features

Guides have a more limited view than admin users, so you can keep certain information confidential if you want to (eg. client info, financial data, other guides’ bookings)

  • Each guide on your account can have their own login access
  • Guide Notes allow staff to record comments and trip notes
  • Users can be given Admin or Guide privileges to manage their access

reservation schedule for fishing guides on Spotted Tail RMS

Guide notes for guided trips and charters on Spotted Tail RMS

cloud based reservations system Cloud Accessibility & Security

RMS is web-based, meaning it is available whenever and wherever you can access the internet. It also means we do the updates on our end so you don’t have to fool with anything but your operations. And because it is hosted electronically, your calendar and client book isn’t in danger of going overboard or getting misplaced; you can get to your info from any web-enabled computer or phone. Overall system backup occurs daily to hedge risk of system-wide failure, and individual account info is also available for export for having local copies of your own or use with external marketing/operational activities.

  • Cloud-based technology offers flexible accessibility via any internet connection
  • System backups occur daily for maximum protection of your info
  • Export options allow for backup copies and data portability
  • Mobile access allows for redundancy when internet is unavailable

export business data from Spotted Tail RMS