Spotted Tail RMS: Booking Widget

Spotted Tail RMS booking widget for fishing guide online reservations

Book trips online

Turn your website into a revenue generator with the RMS Booking Widget. Simply add a button or a link to your own site and allow potential customers to request trips straight to your RMS account. No more data entry or entering reservations to your calendar manually,¬†simply confirm the trips as they roll in! The info your customers submit via the widget will flow from your website to your account on RMS (your site’s visitors never have to leave your website).

You’ll receive notifications each time a new reservation is requested, and then you can confirm them from the main site or even from RMS Mobile on your phone. You’ll still have the chance to speak with customers before confirming if you want to; for example, to help them choose the right trip type or to pair them with the best guide for their preferences or experience level.

The widget can be installed in a variety of styles – buttons, links, images, etc – so that you have the flexibility to maintain the look and feel of your own website. Just get the code from within your RMS account and copy/paste or customize on your own website – you can do it yourself, with your current web developer, or let us help you out. The options for integrating on your own website are pretty wide; check out some of the installation examples below or ask us about some of the other ways customers have integrated into their sites.