Spotted Tail Outdoors logo for guide reservations management systemThe Spotted Tail Mission

Sustainability and conservation are about more than just the ecological environment. Don’t get us wrong, we think those campaigns are important too. But there is also such thing as a business environment. And there is an industry filled with those who make a living in the outdoors, supported by those who spend a fortune exploring and enjoying the outdoors. These people all have potential to become keepers and protectors of the resource, and business becomes a conduit by which that preservation can be achieved. Eventually, the economy meets the ecology and we come full circle.

Spotted Tail Outdoors exists to promote and support strong business foundations and practices in the outdoor recreation industry, enabling business sustainability and continued stewardship of our natural resources.

Capt Andy Parker of Spotted Tail Outdoors

Andy’s Story

At an early age, my interests in the angling world took a turn towards the borderline obsessive. Growing up in the south, that translated to warmwater lakes, Appalachian streams, and Gulf coast redfish flats. But soon those very same interests led to new waters and experiences as I found work at fly shops across the country and spent time guiding in Wyoming, Alaska, and Florida. All the while, an education in the Carolinas and Tennessee eventually resulted in a Masters degree in accounting and some long hours logged behind a desk learning the ins and outs of the “real” world.

But what exactly do you get when you combine a CPA and a USCG licensed fishing guide? Well, besides a bean counter in a boat, you get a unique blend of experience with regards to the business world and the outdoor industry. I still do a lot of number crunching, and I still spend a good bit of time on the poling platform of my skiff; but I’ve also drawn from this collection of experiences to create a business solution built just for the outdoor industry. The result is Spotted Tail RMS and the perfect way to achieve business efficiencies while remaining immersed in the parts of the outdoor world that we all have come to love so much.

Capt. Andy Parker, founder/owner